Having finally settled into a career and a life, I finally had a lot of free time. I would spend 90% of my non-working time binging on Netflix. It became clear that I needed a hobby. I wanted something I could do year-round, that didn’t require going outside or being with others, and would allow me to feel some sense of productivity and accomplishment. I was also hoping to work on my creativity (an aspect of my life I had let slide in the quest to become a “professional”) and on my self-esteem.

And then there he was: Bob Ross.


I decided – this was it. This wonderful, positive, big haired man, would be the bringer of my new project.

Bob Ross’s show The Joy of Painting ran from 1983-1994 for a total of 403 episodes. Each episode Bob, or one of his guests, would produce a complete oil painting in the half-hour time span. These episodes can all be found online on The Internet Archive today.

This blog is the documentation of my attempt to paint along with Bob Ross, each week producing a new work – and hopefully learning something along the way.